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And then there was Employment | October 23, 2009

got the jobToday I became employed and as you can image… it feels good.

Monday I start my new job as an Assistant Account Executive and I don’t think it will hit me until I am actually there. This whole process, from graduation to employment, can only be summed up with one word, Persistence.   

As I sit back with my aged glass of champagne that we were saving for a good excuse to open, I think about all the people who have supported and challenged me throughout this job hunt.

To you, I thank for the following:

  • The million times you had to edit my resume
  • Patience
  • For telling me that yes, I should wear panty hose on an interview
  • Guidance
  • All the good vibes, prays, spiritual luck you sent my way
  • Love
  • Always telling me that I could do better
  • Encouragement
  • Being awesome references
  • Support
  • And being there to share the good news 🙂

Now, many are wondering what an Aspiring Employee will write about now that she is employed?! Well, I think that as recent grads in the marketplace you should always be aspiring. We are the young generation that not only has a lot to prove but a lot to offer. Whether you are aspiring to achieve a goal, get a promotion, be assigned a big account, or just do well; one should always be an aspiring employee seeking to do better.

I will face many challenges and triumphs in my first job post college, as I am sure many recent grads do. So, as I discover them, I will blog about them.

This is just the beginning.


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